Invalid [Mi Note 10 (MIUI 12.3 20.12.2)] Bell button sound and blur in the left panel in the lock screen


Dec 4, 2020
I recently updated my Mi Note 10 to MIUI 12.3 [20.12.2] and I noticed that the bell button on the Control Center doesn't make a sound when you unmute my phone even when the corresponding option is enabled in the settings. The only way for the bell button to make a sound is by toggling it from the volume bar. The other small issue is that when you go to the left panel on the lock screen is like an overlay of the main lock screen and the fingerprint icon and the two icons thata are on the bottom on the screen are visible on the panel, when they shouldn't be. Also there is no blur on that panel. (see screenshot and screen record).


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Igor Eisberg

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Oct 6, 2016
The new System UI on Android 11 ROMs is unstable and I was against releasing Android 11 ROMs in that state, others disagreed, so you now see the results. I'll let Xiaomi fix what they broke.
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