Mi Note Pro Custom Rom Low -bench Scores Lte Support Issues

Apr 13, 2016
Hello Dear Experts,

I got my phone the other day, super happy with it , But little problems. I had to go with my Chinese sellers Custom ROM as she convinced me that the phone will not support bands in Dubai, UAE, though i insisted on the Official Xiaomi ROM. Please help me with the below problems

1. My PRO model no is 2015501, It is not supporting the LTE and 3g bands in UAE and many other countries. Network Bands here are 3,7 and 20 ( I Checked with willmyphonework.net, but other PRO models support ), But upon installing the Sellers Custom ROM ,The bands are working and i am able to use 4G, So guess its not an Antenna problem. So can i still install an Official ROM and use the phone in my area with the band issues. ??

2.. My current ROM is not letting me log in to MI acc from phone add account area,totally a Restricted System . Is the custom is ROM the Villan here ( MIUI 7.7 - STABLE - LXHCNCI is my current ROM)

3. Cannot Download any themes , and MIUI Cleaner app and many other apps missing, and third party stuff inn. Guess the official ROM is the solution,Bootloader Unlocked as per the Seller. Can i install an Official ROM, link to download it??

4. AnTu Tu benchmark score is 48,840 Which is considerably lower, verified the phone with MI Verified app, looks OK, But why is the Score so low??

5. How do i check if the Bootloader is unlocked ? I am planning to install the ROM from this forum xiaomi.eu/ if it solves the issues.

Appreciate the Advice on these.


Aug 27, 2015
first install twrp https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24421527759888160
to install twrp for me the easy way is
Unpack this zip and you will find an IMG file rename o twrp (to be easy) and Copy it to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder

Power off your device and turn it back on Fastboot mode
In command prompt, go to your folder where your ADB/Fastboot are, assuming they are in C:\Fastboot, you type

> cd C:\Fastboot
> C:

Once in the "C:\Fastboot" folder, you will need to issue a chain of commands to flash critical images, so type:

C:\Fastboot>fastboot devices
C:\Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
C:\Fastboot>fastboot reboot


to install rom Donwload the LEO rom you want from xiaomi.eu, copy to internal memory
then in recovery wipe, if you do a manual wipe do not in any case tick the box wipe internal sdcard install the rom and reboot. Done
Aug 27, 2015
Hi Helder,

Could you provide me a link for the complete list of instructions to be followed for installing the ROM ?
download rom and copy to internal storage of phone
go to recovery and

-trough TWRP 64 bit recovery recovery (last release please!)
- wipe cache and dalvik
- wipe data
- if you do a manual wipe do not in any case tick the box wipe internal sdcard
- flash rom