New Mi One Bugs


Mar 20, 2012
1. The 'emergency call' and 'forgot password' writing on the lockscreen is too big and goes off the side of the buttons and looks a mess

2. In contacts when you scroll down your list and the big letters appears like 'A' 'B' 'C' etc, the letters are not properly centered in the circle, they are too high and look wierd.

3. When I plug phone in it often stays on the same percentage reading and doesnt charge up although the battery indicator says its charging so I have to unplug and replug in or reboot and take battery out then plug in. Also happens even after re calibration with easy battery calibrator app from play store.

4. Notorious jellybean 'bounce back' bug when scrolling through homescreens doesnt alwasy go do the next one, just bounces back.


Apr 3, 2013
Are you running the latest rom? The letters in my contacts are a little high but I don't think it looks way off. Also I did notice that even though I have sort by last name on, the letter that comes up on the screen is the first letter of the first name. I guess that case wasn't coded in but it doesn't bother me.

I can't speak to the bounce back bug since I'm only running one screen right now. I have noticed that charging while using the phone is awfully slow and sometimes it discharged while being plugged in and using it.