Mi Pad 2 Bootloop After Flashing Xiaomi.eu 7.6.8


Aug 4, 2016
Hi, I have a mi pad 2 with windows but i've had problems with that so I had to flash chinese MIUI to solve a stuck in EFI shell problem, after that i wanted to flash xiaomi.eu rom to have my language while i couldn't download the files for installing Windows. I flashed the rom using TWRP recovery without any problem but when i booted it to system it started to show the Mi logo for just a second and then it reboots. Pressing key combos doesn't work so i can't enter in fastoot mode or in recovery, when pressing both volume keys to enter in DNX mode it gives a message saying that the key pressing is received but then it turn off. Flash drives are not recognized so i cannot flash windows, the only thing it can do is entering in bios settings using a USB keyboard. There is something I can try to get it working again? Thanks for any help

Device: Mi4S (aqua)
Language: Italian