Apr 29, 2021
I just received a MI Pad 4 LTE from China. I have the problem that when I insert my sim card (UK provider) this seems to be active only when the device is connected to the WLAN (it iappears full signal and with the mark 4G), Once is not connected to the Wlan anymoe, there is no access to mobile data.
The APN settings are correct.
I have tried to manually connect to a network, but the response is negative, and the sim is not registered with any network, not even O2 which is the one to which is supposed to connect.
I have sense that the device is locked? It came with a Chinese sim card inserted that does not work at all (no signal) in the UK.
Is there anything I can do get this working?
Thanks for your advice!

Chris Laarman

Jan 14, 2020
I don't have (or remember) problems connecting a Mi Pad 4 Plus (the larger version of the Mi Pad 4) to my mobile network in the Netherlands. Nor can I remember taking any tweaking needed.

I'm sure that you have checked any setting available. Yet I suggest that you check them from two sides:
- the Settings app, especially the 'SIM card & mobile networks" entry;
- the drop-down (from the status bar) quick settings; remember to swipe again to see all of them.

Note: the above relates to a Mi Pad 4 Plus with MIUI Global
I'm so fond of this tablet that I purchased two more wIth MIUI These don't have SIM cards.