Mi tv 2 -unable to login to google account- "there was probelm communicating with google servers"

Nov 23, 2014
I have installed google aps according to:

after going to setting and trying to add google account i get the following error:
"there was probelm communicating with google servers"

Just to share experiences, see if below it helps.(Note you will need to root your device)
  • Install Xiaomi Market on box, as I am more familar with this apps. (",)
  • Secondly search Google on the Xiaomi on the box
  • Install the 谷歌安装器
    known as 'Google installer
3. Download and install the apk file from link: http://app.mi.com/detail/72142

  • (**Reason why you need this Google installer apk, is that it will 'unblocked' the network route to Google server using another apk which it will prompt to install. Is known in chinese as FQ路由器 and on Google store is known as fqrouter2 here the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fq.router2&hl=en. It will prompt you to install fqrouter2 app when there a block to the Google server, during the check**)

4. Run the 谷歌安装器 after installing and run the checks. It will prompt to install fqrouter2 if is not getting the response to the Google server. Once the route is cleared, you can remove fqrouter2 apps, as is only used in China to clearing routing to Google server.

5. Next Install Xposed Framework and HDXposed apps.
(**Remember to follow the instruction and reboot after the apps is installed**)
6. Once complete you can install Youtube and Chrome via a installer known as 谷歌应用下载器
found on xiaomi market.
6. Download and install the apk file from link: http://app.mi.com/detail/36925 for the 谷歌应用下载器 - Google installer(again).
7. Login to your Goolge account, if you face error on "account cannot connect to server", use the apps 谷歌安装器 and fqrouter2 to confirming routing is cleared to Google server. Then recheck the Xposed Framework and HDXposed apps is active and running probably.


Sep 12, 2015
U've wrote that - (Note you will need to root your device) - now . .I know that with all files installation . .but .. can not find anything about rooting ... do u know how can I root it ?