Mi Tv2 55 Inch 3d Type ?

Jul 20, 2015
Hi guys,
I just bought the new Mi TV 55 inch from the local distributor (Indonesia). It mention in their website that this one also have 3D capability. Also in About > Setting of Tv mention the 3D type is Polarized. The tv itself not coming with 3d glasses (optional).

The problem is when i tried to use 3d polarized glasses from LG (AG-F310 and AG-F315) and also tried universal 3d passive glasses, both not working. I saw in specs that the panel is samsung so i do gambling, buy samsung 3d active glasses (5100 gb series) but still cannot (no synchronize).

My question is :
a) What actually Mi TV2 55 inch 3D type ? is passive or active ?
what make me confuse is, if i see in TV setting, it mention Polarized (passive), but if base on samsung panel, it supposed to Active/SG..
b) Is anyone here successfully use 3D of 55 inch ?
c) sorry for stupid question, but is it possible that xiaomi put the 'wrong firmware' or os in my mi tv2 ?


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