Mi10t lite 64gb vs RedMi Note 9 Pro 128gb


Nov 25, 2020
Hi all

I am trying to decide between the Mi10T Lite 64gb and the RedMi Note 9 Pro 6/128gb. They are both on sale now at £199 pounds. I know the main differences Miui 11 vs 12, 64 vs 128gb storage, no 5g on the RedMi but does anyone know which performs better? My friend has bought the Mi10T lite and says quite a few games don't work or show up in the store on that phone and he says the phone lags in even simple games.
Trying to decide which one to buy. I do not need 5g and I use a ton of different apps including games and I do take a lot of piccies. Despite the obvious storage advantage which do you think is the best buy?