[MI10TPro] [ROM 21.7.28] Can't call - Mobile Network not available


Aug 3, 2021
Hi everyone,

today i found out, i can't make any calls - ok maybe i can call between 10s and 1min.

So from the begin.

If i call someone / get call the call rings and after a few seconsds the call cancled and shows the message "Mobile Network not available"...

What i try:

- turn it off an on again :D
- disabled office number
- reset WLan, Mobile Network and Bluethooth Settings
- change from 5g to 4g und lower...
- turn on Data Roaming
- change in Phone info (hidden menu) the network type
- disabled Wifi-Call
- check if i use magisk acc is used -> no

and yes, on my other phone all works (Huawei P30pro)

UPDATE: Mobile Data works without problems - so i don't get blocked by my provider

I hope someone has an idea or an tipp for me.

Device: Mi10TPro
Magisk: 21.4
Magisk Addons: Systemless Hosts, Props Config
Root Apps: Automate, Youtube Vanced, Adaway
Provider: Vodafone Business DE
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Aug 13, 2021
Omg! I have the exact same problem as you. I also use network from vodafone.de and 10T Pro. I tried to use a SIM from telekom.de, then the problem disappeared. The only way to make a phone call is changing the network to 2G only. And I also put my Vodafone card to other cellphones (Iphone and another Xiaomi), it was running perfectly.

I don't know where the problem is. But now I know that at least it should not be a hardware problem because of you.....