Mi11 Ultra portrait fotos without 3D depth map ?


Oct 11, 2021
Actually i noticed that e.g. within "StereoPhotoMaker Pro" it is NOT possible to open portrait photos made on Mi11Ultra under "DepthMap" Option...
This would mean either there ISN'T any depth map or there's a hidden depth map not compatible with this program...
I had a Mi Note 10 Pro before where the portrait photos DID HAVE a depth map, which I successfully used to upload on Facebook, i.e. the jpg photo file plus the deph map file, which then created the 3D picture with correct 3D appearance when moving your mobile phone horizontally AND vertically.

So I would very much appreciate if somebody has a precise insight whether there is a depth map or not on portrait photos made with Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra, and eventually how to extract it from the JPG file.
Many thanks in advance.