Mi2 Parts of Themes NEVER APPLY

Dec 16, 2012
I'm a Mi2 owner since early december 2012 and I remember that I was already using themes early on and always could mix and apply them as desired. This changed briefly after, as for about a year already I am unable to apply themes on certain parts of MIUI. No matter if it's mixed or a complete solo theme.

Parts unaffected by theme modification are:
- Settings Menu
- Dialer (only part showing contacts above the number pad is unaffected)
- SMS general screen (inside specific message chains it works fine)

I am running the weekly update by miuiandroid.com for Mi2(S), which is always updated OTA via Updater app.
Never have I used anything else on my phone. As I love MIUI and intend to keep it as original as possible.
I already experimented my share of ROMs & roots on other phones and I'm absolutely done with that since MIUI!

But this theme issue is really bugging me now. Is someone here please willing and able to help me out on this?
Thank you very much in advance to the noble soul becoming! ;)
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Aug 20, 2011
Maybe just download better themes from Themes app? . This depends on particular theme if it mods some part of an app or all.