[MI2/s][non-Android ROM] Porting SailfishOS to MI2?

Sep 19, 2013
Hi devs :),

perhaps you've heard/read already that SailfishOS, aka Sailfish 1.0 has been released for the Nexus 4 and instructions on installing it on the device, along with download files can be found here:
So, I was wondering, how difficult it would be to try to install the image from the link above on our device? Is it even possible? I understand that Nexus 4 and Mi2 are similar in a way, but also different. Are they different enough so that we have to wait for another release, officially for the MI2 (since it was shown on the MWC'14), or we can already try it out with the images for mako?
I apologize if the question sounds stupid :p