New mi2-SMS cursor not moving

Feb 5, 2013
i have problem in xiaomi mi2 in the SMS "Messaging" program built in the ROM (not in whatsapp for example):
i have the latest 3.4.19 multilang-hebrew

When I use "Right to left" languages like Hebrew, the text is not fixed automatically to the right like in all the other programs only after sending the SMS it's fixed to the right"
but more important problem is:
that when I have wrote something and I see I want to move the cursor back to fix a mistake, I can't choose the place like in the other programs, it immediately shows the menu "Select|Select all|Paste|Clipboard" instead of moving the cursor to the right location.

tnx alot
Sep 23, 2012
Its known and reported bug, will be fixed soon but no exact time

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