Mi2A - MHL cable is supported?

Jul 22, 2013
Hello all,
I read here and there that this phone (Xiaomi Mi2A whit MIUIAndroid multilang 3.9.27) *SHOULD* support the MHL cable (cable to connect the mini-usb port to a HDMI TV set).
I tried with a cable coming from Xiaomi: it is NOT working.
I see nothing at all on the TV Set.
Trying the same with a Mi2S works without a problem (so: the cable is good, the connections are good and the TV Set is ok).
Anybody had such an experience with this phone?
Any trick I should know to make it work?

Mar 5, 2014
I've bought a cable compatible with GSII because I've ridden in other threads that this cable had not problem with mi2s, but if I connect my Mi2A to the tv..nothing. Maybe it depends from ROM?