New Mi2S 3.11.22: Security / Power / Scheduler does not change modes + clock setting problems

Oct 23, 2013

following bugs observed with the Mi2S 3.11.22: Security / Power / Scheduler...

1st bug:
I setup the scheduler to change modes from my custom 'normal' profile to a 'night' profile between 21h00 an 07h00...

'night' profile should disable WiFi, BT, Sync, GPS,......

However now checked @ 22h00 and the Mi2S did not change modes...

Retried with setting this schedule between 22h15 and 07h00 and again checked @ 22h20 and did not change profile.

2nd bug
When setting the start time and end time on the scheduler when you switch from setting start and end the minutes get automatically applied.

Start time: 22h30
End time: 7h00
When the current focus is on the start button with 22h30, when I then click End time, the End setting automatically becomes 7h30 instead of the initial 7h00. (End time takes over the minute setting from Start time)
Oct 23, 2013
Just checked, seems solved in 3.11.29
Will report back after some more testing.

More testing done, main functionality is now OK, some bugs left, but minor...
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