Mi2S not recognizing headphones are plugged in

Aug 24, 2013
Hi u all !
I suddenly came across this problem a few days ago. When i plugged my headphones in, Mi2S ignored them.
I tried two different headphones without success, the ones that come with my phone (white with control buttons) and a koss porta pro. I tried running a song with the music app while plugging the headphones, but the phone still run the music from the speaker, and don't switch to headphones.
And then... the only think i can think of is the headphone connector on the phone is dead... Do you think i'm wrong ? Maybe there's an app or something that prevents the phone to switch to headphones ?
Thanks for your help
Dec 14, 2012
I've had similar problems too. Usually you have to restart your phone, but when that did not work for me, I shutdown the phone, pull out the battery for a bit then turn it back on. This worked for me.

Hopefully this fixes it for you
Sep 21, 2013
Hello, me too have the same problem without any solution.
i've tried pulling out the battery etc' without any results.
big help will be appreciated.