Mi2S speaker volume is too low

Nov 1, 2012
Mi2s 32gb phone speaker volume is too low.
insufficient sound level hands fee mode especially during a phone call.
how can i increase volume level? are there secret code, setting?
Dec 11, 2012
Yes Its annoying. And I wanted to increase the volume output and speaker too.
I already use my music equalizer and put it all to high to Increase some volume.
But I want more :p. Is that possible?

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Jun 6, 2013
with viper4android , you can get good music effects in your headphones but your volume doesn't increase i feel so.
correct me if i am wrong... this is my personal experience.
Nov 13, 2012
viper4androi i think works during music playback only
not during a phone call

i think the only solution is to use the ROM from WUI
it is indicated that the volume has been boosted for phonecalls
but i have no idea if it works or not
and i try to test this rom but just with wipe cache , the system was unstable
so i came back to Miui
i think for this ROM we need to a FULL WIPE
Oct 13, 2012
I've noticed a bug. If you raise the voice volume to the maximum level, the volume is actually a little bit lower than it is at the default setting.

If you reset your volume levels to the default, specifically the voice volume, your incall volume will increase.

My calls are at their loudest when the volume for Voice is at this level:

Press to restore volume button on the bottom of the volume settings. This should restore your call volume to its highest level.

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