Mi3w Antutu Benchmark Results

Mar 9, 2013
Hello all

Could you please post here your antutu test results. I want make a thread that shows how we all miui users could improve our phone Capabilities.


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Aug 20, 2011
What for? Most every Mi3 has same results. From 34k to 36k.
Depends on version. Early 4.4 had 31k but recent versions are better.

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Mar 9, 2013
is MIui running smoothly ? if yes ! than who cares about ANTUTU Benchmarks. Come on what a useless topic. You will get differences between every run of ANTUTU you do.
Sorry but if it's useless to you , it doesn't mean it's useless to others. Of course there are differences between one to another but with 100, 500 or even 1000 points. But if someone got a difference by 5k , it means that there is a problem, maybe sw maybe hw, in fact this forum suppose to help others with those kind of issues. If you don't have something to add just don't make a comment. I am sure that people who do wish to help, find this topic very important.

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Sep 18, 2013
Screenshot_2014-05-25-07-55-10.png Screenshot_2014-05-25-07-43-07.png Screenshot_2014-05-25-07-51-02.png
The screenshots attached are from 4.5.16

Battery saving mode , then balanced , then high performance.

You can see the lower score with AnTuTu on high performance , before KitKat I was in high 36k+
May 17, 2014
I had lower scores last week aswell just over 20K this week its a bit better around 35k on performance, this on MultilangRom..tried Singapore and Malaysian and it perfermed better not only on Antutu, but the whole device was snapier.
I dont like Multilang is based on Developers Firmware, please take Stock Sgp or Mal. stables to begin with..Both SGP and Malaysian are designed with integration of playstore etc..English is already way better in those roms than Chinese Firmware.

Offcourse benchmarks arent all that important but its annoying seeing your device acting diffrently every week or so. I mean even RedmiNote scored higher on antutu than what i hit last week! why probably because its on a stable rom not on dev edition. Also both Multi lang for Hongmi1S and remi note are based on stable release, why not a stable based for mi3w as well?
Jun 20, 2014

update to 4.6.20 and got 25k use power setting in balance mode.
im using antutu x mar,2014
why my device got very low score compare to other?