Mi4 Lte-ct Model, Which Roms Are Made For This Model Phones?

Jan 5, 2016
Hi everyone,

Not long ago i bought this Mi4 LTE-CT model. I would like to use one of the stable roms that's made by the community but it really confuse me which one i should download and use. No matter which stable rom version i opened there's so many different names of roms.. like Aramani, Dior, Ferrari etc, which confuse me a lot.

With my phone model Mi4 LTE-CT that is based on android version 4.4.4 KTU84P. What are the roms for it?

The biggest problem with my phone atm is that it will not keep GPS locked. (I have tried several solutions, stil no luck) Does the eu roms fix this problem as well? I live in the Netherlands.

Thanks a lot
May 19, 2013
I m from Serbia.I didn t have any problem with GPS and also with local european Rom wich were preinstalled.
I was instaling Global Miu rom because I meant it has few functions more.
Now, I have Developer Rom version MIUI 7 Global 5.12.10 beta version and its work great without any problems.
For our phone MIUI prepare Rom with Marshmallow android. My version is latest and I m awiting for that.

Yu could contact me for advice for flashing via fastboot.