Mi4c 7.1.4 Otg And Call History (log) Not Working

Feb 4, 2016
hi folks,

I have tried two type-c to micro-usb adapters and failed to get otg to work over them.
should the rom (7.1.4 stable) support otg at all or am I doing something wrong?
should it be more likely to work in twrp or does it make no difference since rom and recovery use the same kernel (do they??)

the second thing I noticed is, that I can't find a full call history for my contacts. when I go to contacts > recents I can see which contacts I last called and when. but when I open one of these contacts there is no option to access call history. I found some screenshots on the web showing the call history as tab on the orange "sheet" of a opened contact. this option just isn't there on my device. there is just the contact's name on the orange. is there anything I need to do before call history gets activated? (I don't have a mi account setup or any of that xiaomi stuff just google)

your help is very much appreciated!
Jan 5, 2016
i tried immediately as i saw your post, i mean the otg stuff ... i confirm also that otg doesnt work if used with an adapter, hence i use the original micro usb to type-c from xiaomi. it may be a limitation by the adapter itself because i have a kingston data traveler dual usb stick with native type-c connector and that works ...
note: mi4c and 7.1.6 stable.

as for the call history; go to phone, on recents tab press the ">" symbol near the desired position, then scroll down to the first entry of the "other" list, there are the "call history details". (if i got you correctly).
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Feb 4, 2016
you're my hero for today!
thanks man, this had really been getting on my nerves and it seems so essential (call log that is).

now that I know, I have to blame the guys who designed the app since they seem to have implemented some kind of scroll stop. I mean when I enter a contact from the recents (>) the orange slab will be big. when I scroll down then I only get some way down the list (making the orange slab smaller) no matter how far I move my finger on the screen. the user can only believe this is the end of the list! but nay, once you scroll again a miracle happens and the scroll list that had previously reached its end, seemingly, expands and continues to reveal the sought after call history.

regarding the otg, comforting to hear it won't work with the original micro adapter either. but pleased to here it works directly with a suitable drive (and this rom). I saw a YouTube video where it worked with a type-c to USB-A adapter but wanted to rule out that the rom makes the difference before ordering yet another adapter.

any tried and true recommendations for a type-c to usb-a otg adapter?