New Mi4c Sign Up To Wifi Network Problem

Jan 17, 2016
MI4c Rom version: 5.12.31 developer

The problem I'm having is when connecting to wifi network at my workplace, which requires sign-in;
The first time i did it it worked - after putting the password i a builtin window with the sign up webpage. (it didnt go straight, i had to try this 5-6 times until it worked)
but at my work every week you need to sign up again. But i do not get this window any more- instead i get a cached version of the page confirming im signed. I was pretty sure that opening a web browser should have fixed that by redirecting me again to the sign up, but it doesnt.. and there is no internet connectivity of course (tried both chrome and the stock browser) . Forgetting the network and reconnecting doesnt help either
What could it be? Is there any workaround (other than rebooting)? do you need any logs or anything for this?
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May 11, 2011
There is now fix yet, and i dont know when it will be done. Its problem with the source for wifi drivers that xiaomi did not pay, and are not capable to sole the issue by them selves.. Its a tragedy, to have nonworking wifi in this era, but its the current situation. Just hope to be resolved in some near update.