Mi4s Display Problems?

Jan 2, 2016
Hey guys,

I ordered one Mi4S via *********** 2 weeks ago, and even tho the phone itself is really great (64 GB instead of 32 GB, nice finger print sensor and I love the SD Card Option - compared to my old Mi4C)... I'm really more than disappointed with the display.

Here is a video that shows the poor display quality (red and yellow color faults and really bad display uniformity regarding colors and brightness):

Now my question for other Mi4S owners in this thread is:

Did you make the same experience with the display? Does this affect all Mi4S devices or just a small number of devices? If you own a Mi4S, please take your time to compare it to a good IPS display in your house (other tablets, smartphones, monitors around) and report how they perform.

Kind regards,
Jan 2, 2016
I ordered a second device via geekvida and it has the same problem and is even worse. Display with redish color fault.. white is not white, even if you set the MIUI to cold it is not white and still redish.

Looks like a series of devices is affected by this problem.
Sep 19, 2015
Hello , I also having a xiaomi mi4 I noticed that I see colors like red and yellow if I look at it sideways , but this does not happen if I look normal to the other
Aug 1, 2014
Some pictures from the new Mi4S - again with color fault display (both Displays on "normal" @ Color Calibration in the MIUI):

So reddish screen , this is not xiaomi quality . I think you bought the copy screens . Xiaomi can't use this kind of lcd display . If you buy original screen , it is normal colour . Original screen can be bought from dragon-tt .