Mi5 No Wifi Or Camera Since Update

May 30, 2016
My newly purchased Mi5 3/32 has gone wrong since latest update.
I bought it in China in May, it worked Ok. Upon return to Europe I downloaded play store chrome etc, and it worked even better. The weekend before last the phone did an auto update, and since then the WLAN will not turn on ( move button to on position, moves straight back). The camera either crashes or gives a completely black picture and in the incall Ui does not work, and keep receiving messages that the finder has crashed.

I have MIUI and have done a reset back to factory defaults (full chinese mode) same faults still there.

Any ideas antone on what to do next please?
May 30, 2016
you failed you went into recovery
use power button and volume down
I thought this what I had done! Held volume down button whilst switching on, release on button when MI appears.
I have now tried this numerous times, and same result each time.

Please can you give full instructions to a complete novice.
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Apr 1, 2016
maybe you dont have drivers. install fastboot and adb drivers and you will be okay. search on google fastboot and adb drivers and open xda page, they have released new version supporting new android api for marshmallow so you will be okay. rememeber phone disconnected during driver installation