Mi5 rebuild

Oct 19, 2016

I have Mi5 which had tough history. It was (mis)used by kid.

So far I have changed LCD with middle housing and camera.
Phone is working OK, and pictures are OK (first replacement camera was out of focus).
USB connector has some issues. I can charge (even fast) phone, but has some problems when trying to transfer files or put TWRP, and that takes us to my question.

I see that on phone is almost last weekly build MIUI 9 8.5.24.

Will upgrade to MIUI 10 weekly build be possible over OTA? When I try now it says that latest build is installed. When I download manually file and try to upgrade from Menu it says that It's not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package.

I have unlocked bootloader, but as mentioned before, USB connector problems don't allow me to to use TWRP.

Any suggestion? When will OTA upgrade be ready/out?