New Mi5 with MIUI 10 8.6.21/8.7.5 not keeping screen configuration (HxW)


Jun 27, 2018
I like a 5 row by 5 icons configuration, but MIUI 10 does not keep it for long. After some time, it changes to 6x4 and displays for a short time a message about "Imported from another source. Some icons may have been moved". Or something like that (my phone is in Spanish).

I tried a dirty flash first, coming from MIUI 9. After seeing tis behavior I tried a clean flash (formatted even System partition), but the results were the same, after some time (it varies from minutes to a couple of hours) screen goes back to default 6x4. I even tried to apply a 5x5 theme, with same results.

I always configure my phone as new, never restoring settings from Google.

Regards.And thanks for your invaluable work.

Edit. The problem is still there in 8.7.5
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