Mi5s Plus-camera Only Black And White

May 14, 2018
Dear team, found similar issue in the history, but there is no solution publiced, anyone ? In third party app like Wechat or Whatsapp it´s B&W and upside-down !

Clear data & cache, factory reset and other camera apps didnt change anything :-(

MI 5s Plus
MIUI version 9.5 stable (NBGCNFA) China
Android 7.0
Jul 28, 2018
Hi guys, I was having the same problem on my Mi5s Plus. I saw that no one mentioned getting into safe mode. And while searching the internet to find out about it, I found it hidden menu for Mi5s Enter the following combination on the phone: * # * # 64663 # * # *. The telefeone will show a menu with several items - go to the camera and test it - after that my camera will return to normal operation and also with any camera app. Hope this helps
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