New Mi8 bugs


Aug 28, 2016
Hi there, here is my list of recent bugs:
GPS is pretty poor sometimes. Switched off "better accuracy" and it became better (lol).
Sometimes looses Bluetooth connection with carkit! Pretty annoying! Switching bt off and on usually fixes the connection. The alarm time in widgets won't show correctly. The screen brightness is spooky even though I set this to manual it dims and when I go to the slider it goes up or down by itself (no screen protector or dirt on my phone) I find the brightness poor in sunlight. While on the phone the proximity sensor does sometimes not notice my fat ear and starts to do all sorts of stuff. I do also suspect that multitasking is not really working because when I switch between active apps they seem to "catch-up" to the moment.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn MI 8 met Tapatalk