Mi8 Global stable ROM questions


Aug 4, 2016
Hello guys, i do understand this is not MIUI forum but i believe most of you have gone through this questions...

All my Xiaomi phones i had before was instantly unlocked and moved to custom rom, mostly Cyanogen / Lineage OS now. Recently i got Mi8SE (seller unlocked and with Xiaomi.eu MIUI 10 ROM) and i decided to give MIUI a try, and more or less liked it though i really dont like:
  • Folders - rounded / big icons android style is much much better
  • Some issues with icons styling in general, some loog ok, other not
  • Missing notification icons and overall notification experience in MIUI, seems that i have to smend some amount of time to get it working. And notifications works fine in pure Androidout of the box.
And now i got Mi8 with Global stable MIUI 9 , of course it is not MIUI 10 and i hope it will fix some of problems (or not :( ) so what i hate about locked phone and MIUI9:
  • Moving apps to new phone, it is zero hassle to do it with rooted phone and Titanium Backup as example. But with locked / no root phone it is pain... Not all apps implement Google backup and Mi Mover has not helped a lot. Actually it did not wanted to work and move my data from mi8SE to Mi8, it magically worked once but refused to worka once again (though it work Mi8>Mi8SE way)
  • No themes on Global MIUI
  • No Google Phone app, i dont know why but it is restricted in appstore as some other apps.
  • Same problem with notification icons and generally with notifications.
  • Same problems with "ugly" in my opinion folders
  • icon styling, why in the world some icons looks normal and some have this white borders:
    • Icons.png

Why i decided to keep my phone locked? Well i have some pretty sensitive data on it and think it can help. Maybe i am wrong.

So how do you overcome this issues if you do have them?



May 8, 2018
I have Global stable on my unlocked Mi8 and am basically happy with it now but, there are a few things that i have had to compromise on.
For instance; Sounds when unplugging the USB cable can not be adjusted.
No adaway, so i have ads, i solved a few things by purchasing the apps to no longer have Ads.
I have Google phone app on my phone and have no problems.

I use Nova launcher prime and can set my phone up to my taste pretty easily.
I have done everything i could to make a stock phone almost custom without root or twrp.
Now i just need a custom Miui 10 stable that is reliable before i jump back into that pool .;)
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Sep 10, 2018
Me too, I come from Samsung with Lineage OS and I liked the possibility to do all settings like I wanted to.
I'm missing Titanium Backup, and Adaway and other things with rooted device. I'm waiting for global Miui 10 and hope that some things will be better.
As time goes by, I hope that there will be developers who will bring Lineage OS to our Mi8.

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