MI8 SE can't update


Mar 8, 2019
Now I'm on 8.7.29 weekly and when i push the update button i see " you have already up to date ", but when i have downloaded fresh update and choose the update file in menu my phone went in recovery mode but then instantly started as usual. Can anybody help me ?
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Nov 17, 2018
Learn how to use TWRP recovery 3.2.3 by LR.Team/wzsx150

This is not official twrp and is tricky to update

version 1102 supports pie and xiaomi eu roms till beginning of Dec 2018.

Next was jump to twp 1217.

Latest twrp build is 1227 and supports current roms.

Updating is tricky and you must follow steps to reach latest version. As far as I remember you can not just jump to latest

I managed to update from 8.12.20 twrp 3.2.3 1102 to current rom, and keep personal data

1. Updated twrp to 1217,
2. Update rom to 9.1.10, wipe cache/dalvik
(system starts ok, but twrp will stuck on mi logo here)
3. run fastboot mode and adb install twrp 1227
4. Latest rom 9.3.7 can be updated via twrp normally

system starts normally, when you select updater app and restart in recovery mode, twrp 1227 also will start fine.
worked in my case without loosing data
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Trần Anh

Aug 6, 2014
Another way, more simple for one who going to flash latest dev rom
- Prepare twrp 1102, twrp 1227, latest rom
- Use twrp 1102. Flash latest rom, then go back and flash twrp 1227 immediately
- Reboot recovery to make sure 1227 installed
- Reboot system and enjoy
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