New MI9- Custom launchers notification badges don't work


Oct 31, 2018
I am a custom launcher user since a long time ago and, for every phone I use Nova Launcher Prime with same setup. Using any custom launcher the user experience for me is significantly better then default launcher this is why I want to stick to it.
Now using a Global Xiaomi Mi9 running on latest Xiaomi.Eu stable(11.0.5) is that the notification badges functionality is not persistent on Nova Launcher, Lawnchair or anything else. It works after a fresh installation, but after a while (1 hour or less), the custom launcher stops updating the notification badges.
The problem that I am facing is on stable versions the icon badge don't update after a notification is received. Every time I go in notification acess menu and activate, re-activate the access to notification of the custom launcher that I am using, but this setup is not persistent. Usually it works for a short time and then again notification badges not functional.

Curios is the fact that this works, on developers version (MIUI11) and it work find in MIUI10 stable version.

My setup is rooted with Magisk and Evira Kernel+ de-bloated, and this doesn't work well with developer's rom (fingerprint will not work), this is why I need the stable ROMS version.

I tested all official and un-official MIUI based ROMS for the MI9 + my wife's Xiaomi Mi8 that I formerly owned and never had a problem prior to MIUI11 (android 10).

I anybody else seeing this issue? In case I am doing something wrong, please advise!