New MI9SE GRUS touchscreen


Jan 22, 2019
Last week i updated my 9SE Grus to the new miui 12.5
as many other i had some difficulties getting it to run
(no boot to OS only to TWRP, only can be done by booting through ADB /fastboot (boot boot.img)

In my case i fully wiped my phone
returned to stock with xiaomi flashtool

flashed twrp through fastboot
fastbooted twrp through adb
flashed miui 12.3 (20201208)
at first i had no problems with the 12.3
but last evening the touchscreen could swipe and touch registration was poor
after killing a few apps this seemd to go away
but this morning i had the same issue when i woke up
so i rebooted
turns out i have the same problem with the old rom(12.3) as the newer rom 12.5
no boot only twrp
only now i could also swipe in TWRP
so I thought maybe hardware problem (planned obsolence => phone 2yrs old)
but strangely enough 4 hours late (now) the problem is gone
without any changes

does anyone have a clue. is there a driver failure ?
what img has the drivers in it