Miband notifications

Nov 13, 2014
Not yet that I've seen. Had my MiBand 2 days. Limited functionality so far, but lots of opportunity to expand. I'd expect the number of settings would be restricted by 1. internal memory and 2. impact on battery longevity. apparently the MiBand get around 7+ days on a charge,

I'd love to see the following:

- Customize the number of times it buzzes for different notifications
- Set number of times buzzes for alarms (especially morning alarms)
- Option to gradually increase intensity - use-case is soft buzz for waking you up, tap to snooze, stronger buzz next time around - cycle through until it recognizes you're awake and up
- Cusomize LED colours for notifications e.g. green for Wechat, Blue for Facebook, Red for "someone calling" / missed call (this is similar to the Xiaomi 4 phone)
- Be able to set to buzz when someone is calling instead of 3 seconds at the fastest after... 3 seconds works ok, but I don't see a reason why it can't be instant - this is a great feature!
- start-stop for interval running e.g. count-down buzz to start 1 i.e. 3 short buzzes followed by a long buzz to signal the start - 2 short buzzes to signal interval is about to be over with a long buzz to signal start of interval
... many more ideas and opportunities to expand this very affordable and high-potential device.