Mibox Mini: The Basics!

Nov 22, 2015
I'm interested in buying a mibox mini but it seems quite difficult to find out the basic information such as what I can actually watch on it! A few more details: I want to use it in the UK, and my main reason for wanting it is so that I can watch Chinese TV. I can understand Chinese so I don't really care about having an English interface. I just want to be able to watch as much Chinese content as possible.

So here are some of the basics that I want to know:
Straight out of the box, without modification, what can I actually watch in the UK?
I'd love to be able to watch regular Chinese TV channels, such as the CCTV channels. Can I get these?
How easy is it to install other apps (from shafa, for example)? --- bearing in mind that I am "ok" with technology but I'm not a coder and have no idea about mods, roms, or whatever else.
If I can get decent English content too then that would be a bonus, but it's really the Chinese stuff that I'm interested in.

I'm looking at buying one through ********** but the supplier told me they'd only install Kodi. They repeatedly ignore my questions about what this app actually does, and what I'll actually be able to watch once the item arrives... Help! :)