Mibox Mini Wireless Issue

Oct 27, 2015
Hello, friends!

Does anybody know why Mi Box Mini became running slow wireless conntection over WiFi mode b / g / n?

Using same router and turning "b / g only" mode - is ok ... and using Hotspot on iPhone it works fine.
When turning the n-standard - I get poor no speed. barely 20 kb/sec

When buying were no such problems. They appeared recently. Since then, nothing radically new has been done in the set-top box, neither firmware updates or other chages.

I've tried to restore factory settings - did not help either

Firmware 1.3.72. I do a speed test through the settings - Internet Speed Test.


b / g - 20Kb.

b / g / n - 200+ kb

Tested on two different routers today - TP-Link, Zyxel

Anyone heard of this?