MiBox: problems with XBMC and launcher

Jul 25, 2014

I got a MiBox and I installed apps using Sneappea, but I'm encountering some weird problems, especially with XBMC and Tuzi Launcher.

-The new version of XBMC causes audio and video to be out of synch. It was alright 2 versions ago (despite serious disconnection problems). Navigating the menu is also rather slow and at times it becomes unbearable, forcing me to reboot the entire box.

-The Launcher is mad, and perhaps it's due to the newest version, but I can't be sure. Sometimes it reboots while I'm browsing through the apps. I'm open to suggestions for other launchers. I just know Tuzi.

Other than connecting the box to PC through Snappea, I haven't done anything to the box: no rooting (I don't know what it is exactly), no firmware update.
All the apps are in my PC too, so if you guys think I should delete all and start clean I'm willing to try that.
By the way, I'm not even sure where to check for my firmware version. I checked in the Settings but I don't know which of those numbers I should look at. I just recognize Android 4.2.2. (that is just the OS I suppose)

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