Mibox Remote/gamepad Gyro - Storage And Usb

May 26, 2016
Well, I have 2 mibox3_pro devices, with the hexa-core, and 2 xiaomi gamepads.

My question is simple, Im from argentina, And I dont know chinese at all, so I use google translator to understand many things, and I manage to root, and translate to english plus play store and many things.

Going to the question... Its possible to use the giroscopy in the controller to emulate an air mouse?
The gamepad have one too and Im unable to use it at all...

The point of this question is that I change the launcher, I like apex, but at first boot, the arrows of the controller dont work till I use a plugged mouse.

Another problem I noticed today is that when device sleeps after the time set, USB devices arent recognized anymore till I reboot it, In both devices, one with 1.4.10 firmware and the other with the last one (1.4.15).

the last question is about OTG, I use a pendrive to increase memory, The setting in both devices are to point apps to external U disk, and it works with all apps that I install from the apk files, but dont work with play store ones...

Is there any way to remap the mountpoints editing fstab?
Thanks so much