Miclick/mikey Not Installing On Redmi Note 2

Oct 22, 2014

I just got a Redmi Note 2 to replace my Redmi Note 4G (LCD screen broke during a traffic accident)
I installed the newest Multilang ROM (did a full wipe) and I haven't seen any issues so far aside from the fact that I can't install the MiClick/Mikey app.

I have tried the Multilang version from this forum (3.0.1) and the English translated version (3.2.2) from the official forum. Both give the same error.
I had success installing other APK's so that is not the problem.

Edit: I downloaded the official one from app.mi.com (in Chinese) using the computer and transferred it to my phone and then installed it, that one worked, I'll use that one in the meanwhile


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