Micro lag with audio using bluetooth headset (AAC)


Sep 29, 2018
Hi everyone,

I have updated xiaomi.eu from 9.1.10 to 9.3.14.
First I noticed no problem, everything seemed perfect.
But soon I discovered a problem when listening music (spotify) with my bluetooth bose soundsport : I have random micro lags.

I tried a lot of things :
- unpair and pair my headset
- delete data for applications Bluetooth, Bluetooth Miui, Bluetooth MIDI service and com.xiaomi.bluetooth.overlay

Finally, I try to modify all the bluetooth options in developper options.
And if I change the audio bluetooth codec (AAC => SBC), it works without lags.
Unfortunately, the codec is reset to AAC when I disconnect and reconnect the headset.
It is quite boring to change it each time I use my headset.

If anyone has an idea to solve this issue... and I am also interested to know if it is a specific problem of my device or if others users have lags with bluetooth headset using AAC.
I had no problem with previous version (9.1.10). And no problem with my bluetooth speaker (bose mini soundlink) which uses SBC codec by default.