Mitv2: Firmware 1.1.78 Issues

Sep 1, 2015
Hello Guys!

I just got the TV 2 days ago running firmware 1.1.43.
Of curse I updated to 1.1.78 right away. Later on, I used an App called XH for TV as a second launcher to access the settings and set the TV to english. Works just fine for almost every settings (just a few are still chinese).

Problems so far are: Almost no Game works. For example "Minion Rush" of the Game-Store starts up, I can configure my Xiaomi Gamepad, but when the screen "Push Button" shows, I can't pass this screen. Tried it with my phone as gamepad, with a mouse (USB) but nothing works.

When I downgrade to 1.1.43 it works perfectly.

Another issue: I installed the startSettings.APK from another thread here to check if this will help to translate every sub settings to english. Since then, I can't access the normal App-Screen anymore. It's just blank... Even on 1.1.43 it is gone now.

So my questions are: Anyone else has issues with 1.1.78?
And does anyone know a way to wipe the whole system? How can I enter recovery?