MIUI 1.3.11 Change Log


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Nov 6, 2010
This weeks update includes the following....

<strong>Supported devices:</strong>
Nexus One | Desire G7 | MOTO Milestone | HTC HD2 | Desire HD | Nexus S

Time when no SIM card restoration of China belong to the default
If the incoming call log in the repair without number, the problem appears to be empty
Enable the proximity sensor repair, the phone call is answered can not be automatically lit black screen problem
Repair phone screen will not light up after hang up problem


SMS collection logic optimization

<strong>Lock screen:</strong>
Lock screen repair can not click OK when the horizontal screen problems

Add more pages to enter full screen mode, click Preview
Thumbnail will cover the repair wallpaper border problem
Details about top end repair sliding error resources
Heading the list of categories of resources error fixed
Optimization and global unified cache directory topics

Add wallpaper wallpapers added to the options
Optimization settings in the ring setting and themes of the ring setting to get through

Added support for links to online MP3 Player (in text messaging, press a link, start the player)
New online music player automatically cache the next song
New player spectrum switch, by default, you can set off
Optimal rejection song CPU occupancy to reduce power consumption

<strong>Camera: (in MIUI network disk download)</strong>
Zoom slider fix the display of the camera do not support scaling, click on the zoom slider does not appear
Repair some models AF flash flashing problem
Effects model using the camera does not fix the entry into force BUG