MIUI 1.5.6 Changelog (preview)


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

This weeks changes to include the following....

<strong>System / Core:</strong>
<li>Update ROM base to 2.3.4</li>
<li>Added I9000 Kernel update</li>


<li>Added one press dial functionality, quickly call up number with one press</li>
<li>Fixed FC issue and Call forwarding number sometimes disappears</li>
<li>Fixed issue with Emergency call would cause Phone to FC</li>
<li>Caller ID fixes</li>
<li>Fixed issues with Voicemail</li>
<li>Mute call issue fixed</li>
<li>Added reminder notification of new messages</li>
<li>Password restriction of Messages preview on lockscreen fixed</li>
<li>Added Birthday reminder functionality, remind of birthdays 3 days before</li>
<li>Optimisation of SIM Card contacts where duplicates are found on phone and SIM card</li>
<li>Fixed issue when selecting group, the group was listing no members</li>
<li>Added new notification system for new theme available for update of the currently selected local theme</li>
<li>Fixed some FC issues</li>
<li>Added swipe to delete or select all songs for editing or removal</li>
<li>Playlist optimisation</li>
<li>Optimised performance of lockscreen music controls, fixed some latency issues</li>
<li>Fixed problem being able to browse music when phone is connected to computer via USB</li>
<li>Optimised list mode, deleting last character no longer automatically moves cursor position</li>
<li>Optimisation of Editing mode</li>
<li>Optimisation of notes last note opened</li>
<li>Fixed issued with Wallpaper banding, 10 original wallpapers can be downloadedseparatelyfrom AppShare</li>
<em><strong>Please note:</strong> Changes to the change log may be made, the information posted here should not be taken as a final change log.</em>

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