MIUI 1.6.10 Changelog (preview)


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Nov 6, 2010
This weeks changelog (preview as always and subject to change) written up in English based on BETA testing experience and basic translations from Google in places to assist in changelog translation.

Read on to see the changes for this week.

<!--more--><strong>Recommended updates:</strong>
<li>New status bar icons</li>
<li>New USB Toggle in Status bar pull down menu</li>
<li>T9 Dialer has been optimised to improve search optimisation and also database size.</li>
<li>Added support for T9 to search long names</li>
<li>Fixed SMS session cache</li>
<li>Fixed issue in messaging where playing multimedia resulted in invalid volume</li>
<li>Other optimisations with messaging and call log interactions</li>
<li>Added improved copy selection of numbers from menu list</li>
<li>Adding an empty contact will result in the menu forwarding to the stored contacts list</li>
<li>Optimisation of multiple contacts, list will show most recently contacted number for the list of numbers</li>
<li>Added support for keyword filtering of messages (SPAM filter)</li>
<li>Blacklisted numbers can be given notes</li>
<strong>Lockscreen &amp; Status Bar:</strong>
<li>Fixed issue with password lockscreen in landscape mode causes abnormal layout issues</li>
<li>New USB toggle switch in Status Bar pull down</li>
<li>Fixed 3rd party status bar icons, no longer using the previous single notification counter. Icon notifications are shown in Status bar homescreen and lockscreen</li>
<li>Added download indicator to Theme Manager UI to improve visual optimisation of download progress</li>
<li>Fixed issue where themes failed to load or caused Force Close (FC)</li>
<li>Fixed issue where default icons would not reset</li>
<li>Improved optimisation of Gallery thumbnail loading speed</li>
<li>Fixed issue with sleepmode not waking up correctly</li>
<li>Fixed some issues with downloading online music (removed in our mod as its in Chinese)</li>
<li>Added automatic online backup option for scheduled backups (Wi-Fi only mode)</li>
<li>Fixed problem resetting traffic data did not reset after first reset</li>
<li>Fixed input method issue where decimals caused issue</li>
As always please credit the source for the changelog translated into English each week by miuiandroid.com the original English MIUI source since August 2010. Changelog subject to change without notice.



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