MIUI 10 & Android Wear watch - Impossible to pair

Sep 9, 2016
after upgrading to MIUI 10 stable release, I tried to pair my Huawei Watch with my MI5 using the Wear OS app, but the app is not able to see it.

The watch is visible in the Bluetooth devices list on MI5 and trying to pair it with another phone everything is ok; but when I try to pair it with my MI5, the Wear OS app continue to say: Connect your watch, Touch the watch name in the list.

What I can do?

Sep 9, 2016
It might. I also just flashed it over 9 stable, seems ok. Facebook messenger crashes when I try to open a conversation with a video in it, but otherwise no problems. My smart band connects to the app(not Huawei and not the same app).
Reset the watch, if possible. Make sure it isn't connected directly in Bluetooth settings, or to other device. Try another app, if available.
If all fails, make backup in mi cloud then reset phone...