New MIUI 11.2 Internet connection problems


Mar 23, 2020
Hi there,

I'm on MIUI 11.2 with mit Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro.

All is working properly so far except of a few apps and pages, which images or content do not load.

For example:

  • Google Pay on WiFi (on cellular it works)
  • Meteor Speed test doesn't work on cellular and WiFi
  • F-Droid images doesn't load on cellular and WiFi
  • images doesn't load on cellular and WiFi
  • Ring Camera (by Amazon – don't screw me for that camera) turning notifications on is turning the app into an connection error, the rest works as usual

I was fiddling a bit around to get MIUI 11.2 on my smartphone working – including wiping the system partition. Could that be a problem?

Are there any suggestions what I could do about that?

Already wiped cache and Dalvik cache.

Thanks a lot!