New MIUI 13.0.10 STABLE EU ROM weird problems in uploading pics and map loading and opening files in whatsapp


Apr 19, 2022
1) In carousel i have tried to upload items and it always shows unable to upload. Ive done it with the 13.0.9 i remember there was no issue with it.

2) The grab app doesnt show map, where the map cant be moved at all and pin point doesnt work in 13.0.10 but worked previously on 13.0.9

3) Whatsapp opens files too slow, jt has like a 3 second delay each time i clicked on it just to show what options i have.

These are very weird issues that i encountered here, but overall the performace is smooth on this version, but i would rather downgrade it back to 13.0.9 until these weird issues are fixed.


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