Miui (khjcnbk) And The ********** Phones

May 15, 2015
Hi everyone, I imagine some people here may be having a similar experience to me with chinese redmi 2s so i wanted to put this up here as well.

My original thread is here - > http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=112716&extra=

This took a while for me to work out and after chasing several different rabbits down a variety of holes over the last few days i wanted to share my findings for anyone else in this situation.

SO... to make this short its going to be a list.

1. I bought and shipped a Redmi 2 2gb ram 4G LTE from the 3rd party seller. They provided great service and contact.

2. I had two happy working weeks with the phone, aside from the intrusive ads that others have also reported with this rom and some confusion over why the anti virus was reporting that a system app was a trojan...

3. On sunday the mic stopped working. Then it worked again, then the cpu ran hot for several hours, then the speaker didnt sound right and lastly the phone stopped detecting a headset.
4. The cpu heating up led me to think that it might be related to a software issue (especially given the 1s issues i read about). I decided to try to update the rom and thats where all the fun began. After many hours of reading and trying several fixes i wanted to present my conclusions and save any other people who've bought one of these (tampered with) Redmi 2s some time.

6. My phone stated in miui that it its model was HM2014811, while the model on the back under the battery isHM2014813.

7. The english MIUI downloads ( http://en.miui.com/download-261.html#371 ) that i tried are for the hm2014811, i believe this is why the stock recovery would fail (at 98%) and CWM would state the rom was for a HM2014813 and refuse to install. None of the roms from the english MIUI site would install.

8. After some digging i found two roms that would install. The one here http://htcfanboys.com/download/acid/?action=list&folder=75939 which is miui v5 and i have no idea what rom as i didnt use it much AND much more importantly the roms from the Chinese MIUI download site at http://www.miui.com/download-273.html

9. I believe that the best bet people have is to simply try and flash a chinse rom (currently V6.5.2.0.KHJCNCD ) if they have theHM2014813. I dont think the recovery type or version mattered as many others have said though i did not confirm this. (I did mine with CWM as i couldn't get twrp or the philz recoverys to install, likely due to my inexperiece with android rather then an issue with the phone).

10. In the end the headset and mic issues carried accross into the last two installs of the working roms i found. I believe my phone to have a hardware fault and am arranging a refund at the moment... im not sure how thats going to go (not well so far).

Thanks to marste78, King0nion and spix (i just found a thread with you stating the same thing as i am here..) your posts really helped me find the answers i was looking for.

TLDR: MIUI (KHJCNBK) is an non official altered rom and contains malware. Before messing around with changing recovery or trying old/custom roms make sure you have the correct rom for your sub model (check under the battery). In my case the HM2014813 only takes Chinese roms. Confirm your submodel and be sure you have the rom intended to work with it before trying any thing else.

More here http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod ... ht=hm2014813&page=3

Hopefully others dont have to waste two days of the their lives trying to fix this.

Please add your experiences if you have differing circumstances and outcomes. :)
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