HTC MIUI 2.3.4a (07/10/11) Discussion

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by skuddy, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Just flashed wifes phone with the newest version of MIUI, she loves it except for the MMS part. I added the APN for cellular south but all the pics that come in are thumbnails only, even when you click on them. Any ideas on how to fix this problem. Thanks.
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    Which miui did you flash if it was my versions I fixed this. This build doesn't have have it and neither does
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    im running MIUI 2.3.4a Stable (7/10/11) on a HTC Desire,
    i love the mod but games are crashing all the time before they even start up i get a black screen and i have to hit home button and then turn the game on to get the force closed window, a game that does that is Inotia: 3 , and from looking around some folks are Saying EGL is messed up in Miui? is there a fix that anyone knows?

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