MIUI 6 fail to boot after a while

Apr 4, 2014

I have a problem with my phone: I install MIUI 6 (doesn't matter what version), I set it up with restore, install Xposed Framework (same happens with WSM too)+Modules, make a restart and all works well for a while. Then, after a manual restart, it gets blocked at the black "MI"screen. Won't enter in the OS. First I thought it was the Xposed's fault, but then I figured that it won't boot in the first place, after I install the framework. Any methods to determine the culprit? Maybe taking a log (how to do that?) It gets kinda annoying to flash the zip again and again everytime I do a reboot.
Thank you.

@ingbrzy , @Acid : Any help, guys?
Apr 19, 2013
Flash your phone through fastboot then you have a clean install.

I flashed my phone also several times through cwm with dual boot enabled, but after a while I only had 1gb available