MIUI 6 Official Special Version for MI2/2S will be Released on 19th Sep by Xiaomi

Jul 10, 2014
Quang Thiện said:
yes, I flashed ver 4.8.29. It's lag, hot and drain battery! :confused:
There probably was a problem with one or a couple of your apps which drain your battery. You should have installed Wakelock detector or an app like that and check what caused the problem.
If you're among the few who experienced a problem, maybe the problem was elsewhere, not the ROM per se.
Feb 25, 2014
Maybe if Xiaomi just helped a little out and published drivers, full source and what not, he could have made a faster one.
I have the uttermost respect for Wajk, he's really dedicated to making MIUI smoother and better for us all!

He also released the WIUI 4.4.4 V6 ROM, based on the leaked one (the one that's slowly turning into the "Special Edition"), which might be faster than what you experience now :).

If you do not like it, they'll release the official "Special Edition" in just two days (imma try it out for sure :D)
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May 17, 2013
I think it is fake news. I have checked posts in china forum (under link in first post of this topic) and no any download link to KK based MIUI 6 for Mi2s at all!