HTC MIUI-Au ICS for HTC Desire

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by benjamin336, Feb 13, 2012.

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    MIUI-Au ICS for HTC Desire
    External link:

    I downloaded and installed this rom (which so far is just great) and managed to misplace the camera button.
    Anyone has any thoughts about how to get it back?
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    clear launcher data
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    Shouldn't you be getting support from the developers of MIUI-Au instead?
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    You are correct sir, though I find the site very little eyecatchy and I enjoy this site more :)
    The fact that people communicate could be a large part of that.

    But of course if this thread is inappropriate then let me know, I do not mean to stir things up.
    However I managed to get the button back.

    New release: 2.2.24
    Thank god there is a new release, the last one has been more or less a pain in the bum due to the fact its highly unstable.
    Now you may wonder why would anyone bother running something that is very unstable? well the answer is simple.
    The ICS has so many great features that you simply cant go back to how things used to be, there are so many little things that you dont think about, but when changing back to GB then you realise you are having an affair.
    This affair is called ICS, I do not dare to mention this at home as the mrs would pack her bags and abandon me.
    And the house would be so hard to live in without the kitchen.... (evil joke)

    2.2.24 seems (so far) to be stable enough to use. It runs much quicker, I still havent seen my phone restart unexpectedly and at a certain point I was worried I would get to see that horrible colour blue again.
    But I got a feeling those worries are about to go away with the 2.2.24 update.
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    I've been tempted to try the ICS build but am content with my Miuiandroid build. Very stable, smooth and trouble free. I've been holding out for MIUI to come out with an ICS rom but it doesn't look like will happen. I'm happy to stay on my current rom until ICS has been tested to destruction by other people.:)
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    Your making a fair point and I just installed the latest MIUI version (GB).
    Its all great with ICS and there are as mentioned so many great things about it but the whole unstable experience is just too much hazzle for the moment beeing.
    Though once a real stable version is out (hopefully MIUI) I will go back to that.

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